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The Advantages of Laser Cladding

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Laser cladding presents a number of benefits over other cladding methods. One of the reasons is the use of a specialized laser results in heat input to the cladding material and the component being clad that is both highly targeted and low in amount relative to other methods.



Thermal sprayingTraditional weldingDiode laser cladding
Heat sourceCombustion flame, plasma or arcArc, plasmaInfrared beam
BondWeak: mechanical bondingStrong: metallurgical bondingStrong: metallurgic bonding
Coating structureLamellar: from porous to denseDense: cracks and pores are possibleDense: no porosity
Process reproducibilityHighLowVery high
Heat inputVery low to moderateVery highLow
Substrate deformationZero to lowHighZero to low
DilutionZeroModerate to highLow (<5%)
Coating thickness0.05 to 1 mm1 mm to 1 cm3 to 6 mm