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DLC Cladding LP specializes in diamond laser cladding of downhole tools for worldwide oil and gas and other industries. DLC can also provide wear resistance to other industries such as Mining, Pulp & Paper and Construction.

In addition to diamond laser cladding, we also offer laser cladding with tungsten carbide and Inconel, localized surface hardening treatment, expert machining, and grinding. DLC can also redressing/reconditioning worn product, as this is also cost effective. DLC can clad over previously supplied Diamond coating at a reduced cost in order to preserve the original product and reduce the time the component is out of commission.


  • Diamond Laser Cladding

    Diamond Laser Cladding

    Diamond laser cladding involves the fusion of our proprietary diamond powder with the base metal being clad to increase the wear resistance of tools and equipment compared to other cladding options.

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  • Grinding


    DLC Cladding LP grinding procedures have put together experience with learning to develop excellence in finish quality, tolerance and turnaround time.

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  • Reconditioning Redressing


    Our exclusive diamond laser cladding process allows for redressing/reconditioning of worn tools and equipment to even further extend their lifespan.

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  • Machining


    In some cases, the part or piece of equipment being clad, may need machining work.

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  • Applications


    Key Industries and Uses Industry

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  • Other Cladding Materials

    Other Cladding Materials

    LC Cladding LP specializes in diamond laser cladding. But, we offer other cladding materials too to ensure your tools and equipment are best suited for their specific application.

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