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Reconditioning / Redressing

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Reconditioning / Redressing

DLC Cladding LP’s exclusive diamond laser cladding process can be repeated on previously clad tools and equipment further extending their life and increasing your savings.

Our proprietary diamond laser cladding process allows diamond to be clad onto existing diamond with excellent bonding capabilities.

Users can bring their worn tools, drills, and equipment into DLC where our in-house expert machining capabilities will strip existing cladding, if necessary, and true up any damaged components before redressing the workpiece with another layer(s) of diamond.

DLC Cladding LP can recondition / redress any tool or piece of equipment we had previously clad, saving the cost of having to replace parts.

Contact us at 1-844-DLC-CLAD (1-844-352-2523) or to explore your redressing/reconditioning options.