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Edmonton Alberta Machining Services

In some cases, the part or piece of equipment being clad, may need machining work.

Before cladding, we may to repair worn or damaged areas or strip existing cladding if the part is being redressed or reconditioned.

After cladding, we may have to finish the cladded surface prior to its use to ensure it performs the best for our customer, whatever the application.

DCL offers all expert custom machining services in house on all parts and equipment we clad.

Because DLC does their own machining in house, DLC has complete oversight over machining quality, as well DLC can shave days off the length of time needed for your cladding needs.

This will save you additional money by decreasing the downtime needed to expedite parts between various third party machining suppliers.

Call us at 1-844-DLC-CLAD (1-844-352-2523) or email us at to increase abrasion resistance and the life of your tools and equipment through our proprietary diamond laser cladding process.