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Other Cladding Materials

DLC Cladding LP specializes in diamond laser cladding with our proprietary diamond powder and encapsulated laser.

But, to ensure your tools and equipment meet the specifications of your particular application, we also offer cladding with tungsten carbide, Inconel, or combinations of materials.

Cladding with tungsten carbide or Inconel uses the same advanced techniques and encapsulated laser as our exclusive diamond laser cladding process.

Automated computers are used to guide the laser over the workpiece as precise amounts of tungsten carbide or Inconel powder are dispersed.

As the laser moves over the workpiece the focal point of the laser creates a melt pool on its surface. When the dispersed powder comes in contact with the hot surface, the powder melts and mixes with the melt pool.

Then, as the laser moves away the base metal and the powder cool rapidly, resulting in a strong metallurgical bond with minimal dilution and a very thin heat affected zone.