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Diamond Laser Cladding

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Diamond Laser Cladding

DLC Cladding LP has the exclusive rights to diamond laser cladding technology developed through years of research and field testing.

Diamond laser cladding saves time and significantly reduces costs by extending tool and equipment life over conventional cladding methods.

The wear protection is drastically improved when diamonds are properly applied by accurately controlling the heat mixture and pattern.

DLC has had clients report a remarkable increase in downhole rotating hours with components that were diamond laser clad compared to those with tungsten carbide hard facing.

Our proprietary diamond laser cladding process involves the fusion of a diamond powder with the metallic underlayer using a computer numerically controlled laser.

Our laser technology is the first to overcome the damage to diamond’s abrasion resistance that is caused by excessive heat input during application and bonding.

This process results in a part with extreme abrasion and wear resistance ready for the most extreme applications.

We service all kinds of tools and equipment for many different industries including:

  • Drill and coring bits
  • Stabilizers – Non-mag, motor stabilizers, thin wall stabilizers
  • MWD & LWD tool components
  • Reamer bodies
  • Wear bands on BHA components
  • Drilling motors – Fixed bend housing, flow restrictors
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Axle housings
  • Bearing sleeves
  • Drilling and blazing tools
  • General industrial equipment valves
  • Mandrels
  • Nozzles
  • Pump components – Housing, impellers, shafts
  • Stators
  • Mining applications

To learn how your equipment and tools could benefit from diamond laser cladding, call us at 1-844-DLC-CLAD (1-844-352-2523) or email us at