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  • Diamond Laser Cladding

    DLC Cladding LP has the exclusive rights to diamond laser cladding technology developed through years of research and field testing. Diamond laser cladding saves time and ...

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  • Grinding

    DLC Cladding LP grinding procedures have put together experience with learning to develop excellence in finish quality, tolerance and turnaround time. When grinding the hardest mineral ...

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  • Reconditioning / Redressing

    DLC Cladding LP’s exclusive diamond laser cladding process can be repeated on previously clad tools and equipment further extending their life and increasing your savings. Our ...

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  • Edmonton Alberta Machining Services

    In some cases, the part or piece of equipment being clad, may need machining work. Before cladding, we may to repair worn or damaged areas or ...

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  • Applications

    Key Industries and UsesIndustry - Application - Cost savings - Time savings - Increased Safety -To learn how your equipment and tools could benefit from diamond laser cladding, call us ...

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  • Other Cladding Materials – Tungsten Carbide, Inconel, Diamonds

    DLC Cladding LP specializes in diamond laser cladding with our proprietary diamond powder and encapsulated laser. But, to ensure your tools and equipment meet the specifications ...

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  • Save time and reduce costs by extending tool and equipment life by Up to 6x

  • DLC Cladding LP is the exclusive provider of diamond laser cladding technology to the Worldwide Oil & Gas Industry